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Find Out About Getting Buckthorn Under Control

Help eliminate invasive species in the Rochester & Southeast Minnesota

Since the mid-1800s, Minnesota residents have been battling buckthorn in their backyards. The invasive species arrived from Europe as a hedging material, but quickly turned into a nuisance.

The main issue with buckthorn is that it gets its leaves early in the year and maintains them until late fall. The presence of buckthorn in the area results in a number of problems:

  • It prevents light and nutrients from reaching other plants
  • It contributes to erosion by killing lower-growing plants
  • It lacks natural controls that would help to curb its growth

We can eliminate invasive trees and plants on your property. Contact the professionals of Astorino's Tree Service LLC when you need help with buckthorn control.

Have a professional take care of the problem

When you're ready to get your buckthorn problem under control, give Astorino's Tree Service a call. We typically remove it by hand, depending on its location. As the homeowner, you can follow up on our work by spraying approved chemicals to be sure it doesn't come back.

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